Scarlett Johansson In Her Panties

In Scarlet Johansson on 30 Apr 2010
Scarlett Johansson Sexy

Scarlett Johansson Sexy

Here are some kick ass screen shots from the upcoming Iron Man 2 where Tony Stark is checking out some pictures of Black Widow. Black Widow, of course, is played by the smoking hot Scarlett Johansson and it looks like she went the extra mile and actually did a hot photo shoot in her bra and panties.

With any luck the actual pictures from that shoot will get leaked and we can get some better shots of the smoking hot Scarlett showing off her kick ass body. Just for fun I threw in a few extras of her in a funky looking dress looking all kinds of hot at the Iron Man 2 premier.

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December 8, 20101:38 pm