Shane Van Der Westhuizen Is The Hot Blonde To Remember

In Models on 22 Aug 2013
Shane Van Der Westhuizen puts thoughts in our dirty minds!

Shane Van Der Westhuizen puts thoughts in our dirty minds!

Well, hello, there, hottie! I don’t think we’ve met before, so let me introduce you to the world. World, this is Shane Van Der Westhuizen. She comes from South Africa and today she enchants us with her delightful FHM photoshoot. As the magazine’s tradition asks, the blonde gave up on most of her clothes, letting herself almost naked in front of the camera. A strategic hand or blouse covers her nasty boobs, so I get why our eyes get lost in the scenery. But she gets even further and incites us with her tremendously sexy curves. This girl is on fire, I’m telling you. I don’t know where she’s been hiding until today, but it’s a good thing she finally pulled her curves out for the world to see them. Shane Van Der Westhuizen reveals her body secrets below. Topless or not, she sure looks smoking hot!

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