Shayne Murphy And Bria Murphy Show Of Their Bikini Hotness

In Celebrities on 13 Jun 2013
Shayne Murphy and Bria Murphy have awesome bikini bodies!

Shayne Murphy and Bria Murphy have awesome bikini bodies!

Everybody knows Eddie Murphy, but few know her superb daughters. So, let me introduce them for you: here are Shayne Murphy and Bria Murphy. Don’t worry, they’re both over 18. The first one mentioned is actually 18 years old and the second one is 23. They’re young and they reached the age when flaunting their bodies in bikinis turns men’s heads.

But they don’t seem to care and they proudly show off their goodies. I can’t imagine what’s in their dad’s mind when the entire internet is filled with bikini photos of his daughter and nasty comments for them. But he might just get used to all these, as I don’t see Shayne Murphy and Bria Murphy giving up on sexy looks that easily, having such incredible bodies.

Now, it’s your turn to check these two sisters out. Ass, legs, boobies, you have it all below in the photos gallery, because Shayne Murphy and Bria Murphy were very generous with the photographers.

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