Study Shows Staring At Breasts Increases Health

In Featured, Hot as Hell on 12 Oct 2011

boobs stare

Guys, listen up. A study says it is actually healthy to stare at a woman’s breasts.

Five-hundred men participated in the German study. Half were told to refrain from looking at breasts for five years, the other half were told to ogle them daily.

The study found the men who stared at breasts more often showed lower rates of heart problems, a lower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure.

The authors of the study recommend that men stare at breasts for 10 minutes a day.

Joke or no joke, one thing’s for sure – looking at breasts will only do you good. And as we care about you – our visitor, we wanted to increase your heart health, so here you have over 30 pairs of great looking (mostly big and huge) boobs to stare at for the rest of the day. Come back tomorrow if you feel a little sick!

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