Oops! Eva Longoria Forgot Her Bra

In Eva Longoria on 24 Feb 2012

They say that good things come in small packages. And when it comes to Eva Longoria, I cannot agree more. This shortie is a badass hottie and she is always ready to impress the audience with something new. She has a very beautiful figure, the nature has given her gorgeous tits and a naughty butt, […]


Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Ass In Miami

In Kim Kardashian on 20 Feb 2012

We’ve seen Kim Kardashian in all kinds of photoshoots where she posed more or less naked, because Thanks God to Photoshop, she can look stunning even though people gossip about her being fat. Still, Kim is rare view on the beaches wearing just a bikini and leaving the paparazzi see her in an uncut


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