Taylor Swift Gets Leggy On Stage

In Taylor Swift on 30 Mar 2010
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Leggy On Stage

Taylor Swift shows off her long, amazing legs during a concert in Cincinnati a few nights ago. I have to hand it to Taylor, she is the complete package. She is talented, writes her own stuff, plays different instruments and sings live.  Add in her gorgeous face and long, long legs and she has it all. I love the boots too.

Taylor puts off a vibe that is sweet and innocent, but the boots say that there just might be a little bit of  a naughty side to her when she is behind closed doors. Maybe one day we will be lucky enough to find out. Hell, let’s not forget a few months ago we all thought Tiger Woods was perfect, maybe it turns out Taylor mainlines Jack Daniels and dances naked on table tops on her tour bus. . . well, at least we can dream. Oh, I almost forgot. If you look close on the pic where she is squatting down and singing, it looks like that might be an upskirt, but maybe I am just a perv.

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