Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Legs

In Taylor Swift on 11 Sep 2010 by Bog
Taylor Swift Shorts

Taylor Swift Shorts

Taylor Swift helped the NFL kick off their new season last night by playing some songs on their pre-game show. Normally this would not be news, but here are some pictures from her rehersal and I think she looks better here than she did in the regular show. Don’t get me wrong, she looked great during the show, but here she is showing some leg and booty in some tight little shorts and she looks good as she smiles and has a good time.

I normally try to be a little snarky, but I just can’t think of anything bad to say about Taylor. She is cute, talented and seems like a nice chick. This job would be easier if she had some kind of raging coke habit or something. She needs to hang with Lindsay Lohan a little bit and dirty herself up for me.

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The Buzz

Taylor is so amazing girl…i love u Taylor….

September 16, 201011:30 am


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