The Colombian Smackdown: Sofia Vergara Vs Esperanza Gomez

Now Showing: The Colombian Smackdown

Now Showing: The Colombian Smackdown

This weeks celeb battle features two hot Colombian mamacitas. Both of them are actresses and models, but while Sofia Vergara made it big on the small screen TV Series (Modern Family), Esperanza Gomez made it big a few hundred times – literally! Yes, she’s a porn star.

Here’s some technical specifications:

Sofia Vergara

  1. Age: 39 (WOW!)
  2. Measurements: 94-71-99
  3. Boobs: Naturals, 34DD
  4. Famous Quote: “It’s hard to dress. No matter what I wear I look like a stripper”
Esperanza Gomez

  1. Age: 28
  2. Measurements: 92-60-93
  3. Boobs: Implants (Enhanced), 36D
  4. Famous Quote: “Oh.. Ooooh.. OOOOoohhhhhh!!”

This will be a rough battle like never seen before, both of them screaming “Pick me, Pick Mee”. And boy they do have the ‘lungs’ to shout that out loud!

Before voting you’ll want to check the galleries below first! Did I mention they are perfect look-a-likes!?

Sexiest supermodels naked on your desktop!

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In the left corner: Sofia Vergara

In the right corner: Esperanza Gomez

I vote for both!They deserve it!

July 30, 20118:36 am