The Dirty Dozen – Hottest Bikini Bodies

The Dirty Dozen   Hottest Bikini Bodies celeb bikinis

Celeb Bikinis

Here is the newest Dirty Dozen. As summer winds down and we see an end to bikini season on the horizon, we take a look back at the year and pick the twelve hottest bikini bodies. These famous girls hit the beach, showed off their amazing bodies and had a good time doing it. We salute them and their hotness.

With no further delay, here is the top 12 hottest bikini bodies of 2010 (so far). See them all after the jump.

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The Dirty Dozen   Hottest Bikini Bodies Kary Perry Bikini

Kary Perry Bikini

#12. Katy Perry. She has always looked great in a bikini, but this year she really cranked up the sexiness as she promoted her newest album. She even held bikini beach parties to promote. You gotta love a girl that knows how to give the public what they want.

The Dirty Dozen   Hottest Bikini Bodies Avril Lavigne Bikini

Avril Lavigne Bikini

#11. Avril Lavigne. She has always been cute, but she has also always hidden her body behind baggy clothes, jeans and sweatshirts. This summer that came to an end as Avril hit the beach, played in the water and had some fun showing off her tight little body. Who knew this cute little white girl had such a great ass!

The Dirty Dozen   Hottest Bikini Bodies Hayden Panettiere Bikini

Hayden Panettiere Bikini

#10. Hayden Panettiere. Hayden has never been shy about wearing bikinis. Her body is built for them. With her athletic legs, killer abs and nice round butt, Hayden is perfection in a two piece. I also love this shot because she is basically drawing attention to her boobs with the hello kitty bikini. I love any girl that is basically inviting you to ogle her goodies.

The Dirty Dozen   Hottest Bikini Bodies Brooklyn Decker Bikini

Brooklyn Decker Bikini

#9. Brooklyn Decker. It was Brooklyn’s year. She was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, she is in a movie with Jennifer Aniston (who barely missed out bikini list) and she looks fine. With a debut like this, she is sure to keep us smiling for years to come.

The Dirty Dozen   Hottest Bikini Bodies Kelly Brook Bikini

Kelly Brook Bikini

#8. Kelly Brook. What more needs to be said about Kelly Brook? Her body is smoking, she has one of the best racks on the planet and she looks fantastic in a bikini. She has been in Playboy and also stared in the summer flick Piranha 3D.

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The Dirty Dozen   Hottest Bikini Bodies Miley Cyrus Bikini

Miley Cyrus Bikini

#7. Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus didn’t quit make the top 5, but she is young and has plenty of time to get into it. Actually, I have seen more recent pictures of her and she seems to be working out a lot because she looks a little more toned than she does in these pics (not that she doesn’t look amazing here) so if she had something a little more recent, she might have ranked a little higher. Still she is cute, looks great and her legs alone could get her on this list.

The Dirty Dozen   Hottest Bikini Bodies Britney Spears Bikini

Britney Spears Bikini

#6. Britney Spears. This was a good year for Britney Spears Bikini pictures. She gave us a few small peeks early in the years, but this summer she did some heavy sun worshiping and did it all in bikinis and short shorts. When she gets herself together she is still smoking hot and she looks great in a bikini. The only reason she didn’t rank a little higher is the heavy competition this year.

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The Dirty Dozen   Hottest Bikini Bodies Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini

Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini

#5. Alessandra Ambrosio. Alessandra Ambrosio really worked hard this summer. Now that her daughter is a little older this smoking hot mom got back out there, took off her clothes and reminded everyone just how hot she is.

The Dirty Dozen   Hottest Bikini Bodies Megan Fox Bikini

Megan Fox Bikini

#4. Megan Fox. Megan Fox was a very pleasant surprise in the bikini world this year. She sometimes dresses sexy and will do sexy photoshoots, but she tends to wear jeans and t-shirts a lot. Seeing her hit the beach in Hawaii this year and show off her super tight, sculpted body was a nice summer gift.

The Dirty Dozen   Hottest Bikini Bodies Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Bikini

#3. Kim Kardashian. You know the competition is fierce when Kim Kardashian is at #3. Kim took it to a whole new level this summer as she really put her ass out on display. That thing is a modern marvel that should be studied by scientists.

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The Dirty Dozen   Hottest Bikini Bodies Jessica Alba Bikini

Jessica Alba Bikini

#2. Jessica Alba. Jessica Alba is simply one of the hottest women on the planet. She really should get a lifetime achievement award for bikini pics because she has set the gold standard for looking hot on the beach. This summer she didn’t log a whole lot of bikini time, but when she did she looked amazing.

The Dirty Dozen   Hottest Bikini Bodies Bar Rafaeli Bikini

Bar Rafaeli Bikini

#1. Bar Rafaeli. When you think about it, who else could be #1 but Bar Rafaeli. She is the complete package. Perfect body, killer but, amazing face and a disarming smile. Not to mention she hit the beach and showed all of these assets off. She looks just as good snorkeling without any make-up on as she does in professional pictures. Bar is our #1.

There you have it. The Dirty Dozen top 12 bikini babes of 2010. I know we left some out, but it was a tough list to compile. Let us know what you think. Who should have made the list and who shouldn’t be on it.

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