The Glee Girls Are Hot

In Lea Michele on 21 Oct 2010
Hot Glee Girls

Hot Glee Girls

There was a lot of controversy today over these pictures because some stuffy parents TV group got pissed that the girls from Glee posed nearly nude in GQ magazine. The girls are Lea Michele who basically is wearing just her panties and a tight little tank top and Dianna Agron who is dressed as a naughty school girl.

Hell, if knew the girls on that show were this hot and dressing like this I would have tuned into it a long time ago. If the show is pissing off the PTC then you know they are doing something right. Seeing pictures like this again pisses me off about my youth. When I was in high school we had some hot girls, but the fashion of the time was oversize everything so all the girls wore baggy sweaters and, jeans and long skirts. These days it is more like stripper-wear. If I were in school today though it would go badly. I wonder how many times you could beat off in the hallway before they expelled you?

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