The Hottest Celebrity Milfs

Hot Celeb Milfs

Hot Celeb Milfs

It seems like baby fever has settled into Hollywood these days so I thought it would be fitting to make a post featuring some of the hottest celebrity milfs. This isn’t meant to be a complete list, just some of those babes who had babies and now look just as good or better today than they ever have.

In the list we have Kate Hudson who has always looked amazing and now is no exception. We also have Adriana Lima who was perfection before and now she is just as hot only she has bigger boobs which is a nice upgrade. Alessandra Ambrosio makes the list because her body is so tight you would never in a million years guess she was a mom. You can’t have a celeb milf list without Angelina Jolie so she is on. I also added Britney Spears. Sure, she might not be the dime she once was, but I still think she is hot as hell and that she might be a little crazy makes it all the better. Another singer on the list is Gwen Stefani. She just turned 42 and looks like she is 26 and she seems like a really cool person. Another Victoria’s Secret model on the list is Miranda Kerr who is just as hot now and like Adriana she has bigger boobs. Rounding out the list are two actresses. Jessica Alba looks fantastic and oozes sexuality and Kate Beckinsale might actually be the hottest babe on this list.

Enjoy the list. We will be doing more of these with more hot milfs in the future.

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