The Italian Hottie Giulia Olivetti Getting Wet At The Pool

In Models on 20 Jul 2012

Cleavage and clepsydra curves… that’s what I see at Giulia Olivetti!

For 16 photos of Giulia Olivetti just imagine you are in Italy and you can enjoy a nice cocktail next to a pool and, having as company the beautiful model. Her long hair is wet, her body is hot and her face is all smiling when she’s not posing provocative for the camera.

The bikini bra pictures a sun split in two: a half on one cup, the other half on the other cup, which leads me to just one conclusion. In order to complete the sun, squeezing Giulia Olivetti’s boobs means popping her cleavage out is a must.

But the best part is the pineapple on her panties, put right in her private areas. That’s one hot and naughty bikini. Not only that Giulia Olivetti distracts us with her sexiness and curved body, but she makes bikini choice to tease us even more. Well, the model knows how to sell her body. And I buy it!

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