The Real Mariah Carey

Take your time to laugh in her face, and check out the picking-up links.

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Mariah Carey Push

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Yea, that’s the real monkey. Here’s the image Mariah’s selling us ever since we first saw her:



The Buzz

holly s***

January 29, 200911:24 am

OMG!!! I would never know what she would look like without makeup! Wow! What a change!

October 6, 20093:25 am

Argh, the second one looks like a zombie… but the real Mariah with no color in her face looks great…

October 6, 200911:06 am

Get real! The first pic with no makeup is actually from her new movie! So you’re the monkey…jackass!

December 8, 20095:03 am

Monkey is right, she looks like an extra from planet of the apes.

April 17, 201012:41 pm

Ugh, tell me again why this B*TCH is stuck up? Tell me again why this B*TCH thinks she’s a size 2 when she’s clearly a size 10?!

April 20, 20109:47 am


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