There’s A New Hottie In Lingerie – Carmen Brundler

In Models on 24 Jan 2013

Sexy ovations for the sweet Carmen Brundler!

There are few feelings to compare with the excitement you get when you discover another lingerie hottie. Today I got excited about Carmen Brundler, a German model that although is unknown for many, including me, she needs no presentation, as her body makes all the honors. Below you can see her in Figleaves underwear.

Carmen Brundler seems like she was meant to be in lingerie. With naughty cleavages and curved hips to gently arouse our interest in her ass, too, there’s nothing that can compliment Carmen Brundler more than a good sexy piece of lingerie. Oh, where did she hide all this time? She has to show off more.

But enough talking. It’s time to shut up and open our eyes wide, so we can enjoy more of the sweet sexiness that unfolds below. You can see it in her eyes that Carmen Brundler doesn’t look like a good girl, being all sexy and provocative!

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