Tori Spelling Hot as Hell in bikini

Nice hot by the pool photoshoot of Tori Spelling. She’s really hot as hell in this set. Look at that model body with nice big tits plus amazing legs. I was much younger when i first saw Tori in Beverly Hills 90210, but now I never thought she could be this sexy.

But I always thought she has a horse face! That’s my oppinion.. each time I look at her all I can think of is a horse. Well, I like horses.

Tori Spelling hot as hell in bikinis

Tori Spelling sexy in bikinis

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Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling hot as hell

Tori Spelling hot as hell

Tori Spelling hot as hell

Tori Spelling big boobs

Tori Spelling big tits

Tori Spelling sexy

With every like we get, a hot babe drops her bra!

The Buzz

She had that body long ago…now she is very pregnant ready to pop…if she didn’t do it yet…
Nice pictures though…very HOT!

June 11, 20085:44 am

If she didn’t do it yet??? What do you mean? I don’t think she had boobs like that back on 90210. They are a recent addition.

February 9, 20093:54 am


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