Vanessa Hudgens Chooses Trashy Hot Pants

In Vanessa Hudgens on 3 Aug 2012

Hot pants give confidence to Vanessa Hudgens!

I’m starting to believe Vanessa Hudgens was born in hot pants and shorts, because otherwise I cannot explain to myself why she loves these pieces of clothing so bad. Or maybe I could explain, thinking of the fact they make her so sexy and leggy, she wants to get everyone’s attention. Oh, yeah! That’s it!

Vanessa Hudgens is among those several girls that once were children’s idols and now they’re their fathers’ fantasies. Loving the trashy style she got, with animal print hot pants that look more like some panties than something to wear on the street.

But the smaller are the clothes, the better view we have over the sexy legs she got. Always showing her legs, I’m starting to believe they’re all Vanessa Hudgens has. But, in reality, she’s more than many men can dream of – her bikini appearances prove so. I’m only sad her we don’t have ass shots. I bet it looks like millions in those pants. Maybe next time!

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