Vanessa Hudgens Is A Hot Hippie Chick

In Vanessa Hudgens on 16 Apr 2012

Vanessa Hudgens has a sexy crazy way of dressing up!

Hippie style is not exactly my thing, but looking at Vanessa Hudgens makes me think that maybe it’s not all so bad. Shorts that show off the entire legs, short dresses or stockings that you might believe they’re meant just for the bedroom combined with sexy lingerie and not for wearing them on the street, bustiers – this is what Vanessa Hudgens chose from her wardrobe.

She has a tremendous body and she would look hot in everything (especially without any clothes on), so it’s no wonder I’m staring at the photos in which a dress malfunction shows up, leaving her underwear in the limelight.

And my humble opinion is that she really has curves. Well, I wouldn’t want seeing her gaining weight, but at the present she’s perfectly dosed. I mean, her legs are delicious. Apparently, she knows that if she keeps pulling them in the center of attention.

Next time keep your focus on the boobs, too, Vanessa! There’s no need for you to hide them.

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