Vanessa Hudgens Shows Her Great Legs

In Vanessa Hudgens on 26 May 2010
Vanessa Hudgens Legs

Vanessa Hudgens Legs

Vanessa Hudgens went to the Fashion Touch event and she decided to wear some killer high heels and a nice short dress that showed plenty of leg. The girl is smoking hot and has a killer smile. You know a girl is hot when you see pictures of her when she is just out running errands and she looks as good or better than she does when she is all professionally made up.

As hot as I think she is, I have never seen a thing she has done. I’m way too old to watch High School Musical. If I were 14 or 15 and was into that show, as hot as she is, I would be beating off ferociously to the show . . . I would just have time it correctly because I would feel dirty if I came while Zac Efron was singing.

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