Voluptuous Valerie Van Der Graaf Gets Her Place At Beach Bunny

In Models on 11 Sep 2012

Valerie Van Der Graaf got some serious hot stuff in that bikini!

Well, it was obvious that Kate Upton was going to get some strong competition at Beach Bunny at one point and today we’re trying to figure it out if the newbie Valerie Van Der Graaf, a gorgeous Dutch model, will surpass the voluptuous “veteran”. Not only it’s the bikini body competition, but it’s the blonde competition, as well.

They’re both blonde, both beautiful, both sexier than 90% of the female population of the world. Yet, I have to give some credit to Valerie Van Der Graaf just for bringing something new, something fresh – some curves we have never seen before and we’re ready to explore more.

Below there’s the model’s first Beach Bunny photoshoot. Thong bikinis and a generous cleavage, that doesn’t make me miss Kate Upton too much, spice up the photos. Oh, I have faith in Valerie Van Der Graaf and her sexy skills. So, hot or what?

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