Who Wants To Be On Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Client List?

In Jennifer Love Hewitt on 14 Feb 2013 by Bog

No man can resist to Jennifer Love Hewitt nor to her moves!

After years of being the ghost whisperer, Jennifer Love Hewitt has finally reinvented herself with her new TV show, The Client List. And as the season two premiere approaches, we’re getting teased with a Jennifer Love Hewitt looking hotter than ever, singing that she’s a woman and dancing with just a few clothes on, so we can clearly see that. It was about time for her to unleash all that sexiness simmering inside of her.

I know I was kind of overwhelmed by her curvy figure and mostly her tits, but in these photos I just can’t take my eyes of the rest. Fine legs, one hot ass and a naughty attitude like we rarely see at Jennifer Love Hewitt. This is a good reason for me to start watching this show. Who knows what other surprises she has for us there? But there’s a clear thing for me: I want to be on her client list. I never knew Jennifer Love Hewitt had those moves until today. Hot, hot, hot!

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