Who’s More Famous: Aubrey O’Day Or Her Cleavage?

In Aubrey O'Day on 10 Jul 2012

Aubrey O’Day sets us on fire every time she appears in public!

Aubrey O’Day really, really wants to impress us. Lately she constantly suffocates us with her curvy body, exposing everything she got, everywhere she can. And this is how we get to see today another set of photos with the blonde in bikini. Choosing a neon color of bikini, the contrast with her super tanned skin and her blonde hair has a very strong visual impact.

Some ruffles on her cleavage make her boobs look even bigger than they are in reality, because Aubrey O’Day relies on them to make her more and more famous. It’s clear she wants all eyes on her, especially when she starts posing sexy for the camera.

Oh! And I should probably talk about her ass that’s half in the water, being so hot it probably needs a cooling. If curvy is the new sexy, than Aubrey O’Day’s booty could be taken as an example. I guess she wants the men in her life have the best experience of their lives when feeling her body.

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