Xenia Deli In Bikini For Beach Bunny

In Models on 22 May 2012

Xenia Deli's hips are magic!

Beach Bunny has a new face! The beautiful Moldavian model, Xenia Deli looks great in the Beach Bunny bikinis. And her body is so well contoured, with perfect curves like she’s unreal. The best part about her is the age, being only 23 years old and having so much photoshoots ahead.

It’s impossible to resist to a hot tanned body like this and she must know that, since she has no problem in taking her clothes off. The photos make sure we see all of her goodies: angelic face with delicious lips, sexy legs, beautiful cleavage and a nice ass, so we can fall in love with Xenia Deli irremediable.

Xenia Deli is a sensation and the bikini photoshoot is perfect to reveal as much skin as possible. She’s beautiful and I want more from her, because this is the kind of girl that makes you want fantasize about over and over again.

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