Xenia Deli In Thong For Her Sexiest Photoshoot Ever

In Models on 21 Jun 2013 by Bog
Xenia Deli in thong puts nasty things in our heads!

Xenia Deli in thong puts nasty things in our heads!

It’s only last week the last time we’ve seen Xenia Deli in a photoshboot, but, most definitely, it was not this one I present you today. Simply mind-blowing, having a great potential to become the photoshoot of the year – this is how I’d quickly describe this photos. The sexy brunette shows off her curves in a thong and a bra or a man’s shirt, fooling around in the bed sheets.

Perfect round ass-cheeks, tempting looks, sensual appearance – I’m being left almost speechless, blinded by Xenia Deli and her sweet hot curves. I knew this girl was really good and now I have the proof.

Oh, that thong makes miracles for her butt and for her overall appearance! Take a look below and enjoy the black and white shots, capturing everything that Xenia Deli has best to offer (especially her ass). Now, tell me, isn’t she the sexiest thing you’ve seen so far in 2013?

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