Xenia Deli Leaves Her Boobs Run Free In See-through Lace

In Models on 13 Mar 2013

See-through lingerie is sexy! It almost seems like Xenia Deli has nothing on!

When a girl looks good enough to make any men sighing with bitter regrets when seeing her, it is very obvious why she finds it so easy to pose all exposed in front of a camera. Not far at all from that kind of girl I am talking about, Xenia Deli seduces with her hot body and a badass attitude.

Oh, it’s like she didn’t do enough damages into my mind and body with her looks and now she comes to completely dominate us with her cockiness. Xenia Deli has that big smile on her face, like she knows exactly what she’s doing to us by flaunting her curves in see-through lingerie by Hanky Panky.

As an observation, see-through lace seems to be like a lottery: you either win big by actually getting to see what’s underneath or you lose because of a sick team that makes sure it doesn’t slip a thing. And Xenia Deli made us lose, this time. Yet it’s a beautiful loss, as her boobs fall naturally, shaping sexily the bra.

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