Yam Conception Heats Up FHM Philippines By Going Nude

In Celebrities on 9 Oct 2012

Yam Conception covers her boobs with fur and her bikini area with a skull!

Yam Conception, a newbie on the cover of FHM Philippines, October 2012. A bold move that turned out to be one of the greatest photoshoots, as the 23 year old actress makes us drool over these sexy photos below. She went so far, by posing not just topless, but fully nude and, apparently, she had no problem with toplessness.

So, not only that Yam Conception is extremely beautiful, showing off in FHM, but she’s quite daring, as well. Good for her, I’d say! From poses where the only thing accessorizing her naked body is a necklace or a chain string with a skull in the front to teases in lingerie, partly disclosing the shape of her boobs, Yam Conception is a hot appearance.

Almost all of her most private secrets were revealed at once. I wonder what Yam Conception can do to overtake this big success. That’s definitely something I want to see!

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