Zahia Dehar Has Bombshell Aspirations

In Models on 25 Jan 2013

Blonde Zahia Dehar feels no shyness in showing off her body!

Zahia Dehar calls herself a fashion designer. And because she takes herself so seriously regarding this matter, she even does fashion shows. She just had one in Paris and I don’t know about the clothes presented, but I do know Zahia Dehar was an interesting appearance at her own show.

Wearing a very slutty dress, if you ask me, Zahia Dehar popped out her big fake boobs and let her panties see through what she probably calls a skirt. Well, the blonde really knows how to stand out, so I’m starting to get a clearer idea about what the guests must’ve seen on the runway.

All white and surrounded by flowers and a very mild lamb, you’d think Zahia Dehar is an angel. But those skinny curves exposed tell otherwise. Watch the leggy blonde, with bombshell aspirations, revealing almost her everything in the photo gallery below!

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